Get Started with BMX Racing

Starting out in a new sport or club can be a bit daunting so here’s a few pointers that will help you out and the workings of our club. 

If you have any questions any one of our volunteers will be happy to help you. They can be identified by the black hoodies/t-shirts with silver writing. 

Club Racing

Club racing is a great, friendly way to get a taste of racing. 

Summer racing runs on Wednesday evenings starting on 15th May 2019 for 15 rounds. In the run up to club racing we may run some gate sessions. These are open session with use of the gate – they are un-coached and we just ask for a donation in the bucket. 

Winter Club racing runs on 1st Sunday of each month from October – February. 

Races are £4 for members, £6 for non-members.

These are a ‘pay on the day race’ so you don’t have to commit to every week but if you do 10 rounds you will be eligible for a trophy at the end of the season. Your best 13 results count for your final standing.

For club racing you don’t need a British Cycling licence, please advise the person at registration that you need a race number. 

Each race is called a moto. Listen for the commentator to announce that the sheets are posted. Moto sheets are in the following format: 

Your name: 2:5 15:8 23:1

The first number is your moto number, the second number is your gate number.
Please encourage your children to learn how to read the moto sheets themselves. 

There will be quarter finals, semi finals and finals depending on the numbers in your formula. There will be a break between motos and finals. Listen for the commentator announcements. 

Regional Racing

If you decide you love racing you might want to race at the next level which is regionals. You will need a Silver or Gold membership with British Cycling.

Registration for these events is via the British Cycling website and you can make considerable savings by registering online.

This year will see a novice class at regionals, this is £10 entry.

Expert class is £15 online (£25 on the day).

Novice races do not count towards qualification for the British Championships. For more information go to the BMX East website.

The dates for 2019 regionals are: 
3rd March 2019 Cyclopark 
24th March 2019 Braintree 
7th April Peterborough 
28th April Norwich 
12th May 2019 Ipswich 
2nd June 2019 Royston 
23rd June 2019 Milton Keynes 
14th July Ipswich 
4th August 2019 Braintree 

24/25th August 2019 British Championships in Derby 

8th September 2019 East Anglia Championships in Royston