Coaching Development Structure

Advanced Development

Time – 0900-1100
Fee – £6

The session is aimed at developing rider skills above and beyond RSR level riders to be competitive at national level and beyond. Riders must have met all the goals of the Core Development session to be invited into this session. Riders will also be required to meet the following within a given time period:

• Own bike and kit
• Jump the first double on second straight
• Double manuals on request
• May use clip pedals

Core Development

Time – 1130-1330
Fee – £6

This session is aimed at improving riders core skills and developing appropriate techniques for racing. Riders must have completed all of the goals in the Fundamental Development session to be invited into this session.

Areas to be addressed:

• Jumping gaps
• Manualling
• Racing lines
• Group riding confidence
• Gate technique
• Competing in a club race series
• Flat pedals only unless agreed with coaches

Goals to be able to progress to Advanced Development:

• Jump last straight step up and double on request
• Manual the last straight double and perform a manual in the third straight on request
• Good gate technique
• Entered 3 regional races away from Braintree as an expert
• 5m wheelie
• 5m manual on flat
• 1m long bunnyhop on flat
• 30cm high bunnyhop on flat

Intro 2 BMX

Time – 1400-1445
Fee – £2
Age – 4 and over

The session goal is for riders to meet our current rider induction criteria. Riders may ride in this session as many times as required. The session will be mainly run on the balance track and flat area. 

• Riders must be able to complete a lap of the track while standing and be unaided to progress to next group
• Riders must be able to stop under control

Fundamental Development

Time – 1400-1530
Fee – £6
Age – 5 and over

Riders must have completed the Intro 2 BMX session to be invited into this session.

Areas to be addressed will include:
• M Check
• Group riding
• Cornering
• Pumping
• Jumping
• Limbo
• Wheel lifts
• Bunny hops
• Intro to gates
• Flat pedals only 

Goals to progress to Core Development group:

• Ability to ride side by side with another rider under control through the third straight and round a corner.
• Correct cornering technique at all times
• Able to jump 2m long and 30cm high on the table top
• Lift the front wheel with the correct technique to progress to a manual
• Confidently limbo with the hips over the back wheel and the arms straight
• Complete and demonstrate an M Check
• Pump from the big double to the finish line with no pedals
• Show good pedalling technique
• Stop under control
• Display “Pedals Level” where appropriate
• Cover brake at all times
• Compete in a race meeting

Considerations will be made in the cases of parent and child riders in groups with priority given to riders who meet the session goals. In these cases, parents with lesser skills may ride in the same group as their child for logistical reasons. Children may not ride up into their parents’ session unless they meet the goals of that session.

Once a rider has met the goals of a session, the coaching team will discuss additional development areas for a rider and how they will transition to the next group.