Track Closed
COVID-19 Update

• Updated 5th November 2020 •

BMX TRACK CLOSED – Further to the lockdown regulations being published, the club has been notified by the council that the track is formally closed.

The council have said: “Having received the regulations I can confirm that the track must be shut. Part 2 of the Regulations specifically states “Outdoor sports centres or amenities” are subject to closure.” “As a short term measure, it was agreed at a meeting this morning that our operations department will do as much as they can to deter people from using the track by taping areas off and erecting signage during the period of the national lockdown. The club understand how disappointing this is, but would fully appreciate everyone’s compliance with the above to ensure there are no knock on effects for the club’s integrity and future on the site. Should you wish to discuss the matter further or report any matters including damage or vandalism, please contact Braintree District Council direct.”

Stay safe!

Braintree BMX Club

We cater for all ages from the very young to the old. Riders and spectators are always welcome to our events. So please come along and visit us. The track is open all year round to ride so feel free to practice your skills. Have a look around our site and if you have any questions please feel free contact us.

BMX is a sport for all ages and the only skill that is needed to start racing is the ability to ride a bike. The track is situated in Braintree at the junction of Panfield Lane and Deanery Hill, opposite Towerlands Equestrian Centre. We are a Voluntary organization and receive no private funding.

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